05 May, 2020

Varadero Ibiza continues its activity with safety, applying sanitary measures

Since last April 10th, the date on which RDL 10/2020 ended, Varadero Ibiza resumed its yacht repair and maintenance activity with great momentum and full performance, adding all the necessary health precautions to guarantee the safety of customers and employees.

The first concern of the shipyard continues to be the health of all its clients, collaborators and workers, and because this special circumstances require it, Varadero Ibiza has implemented a prevention protocol for COVID-19 following the instructions of the Health Authorities.

In this sense, all the shipyard’s personnel have been provided with prevention kits made up of gloves, masks and disinfectant gel, in addition to all the information necessary for their workers to prevent infection or even know how to act in case of suspicion of being infected. In addition, the esplanade staff have reinforced the use of PPE, and the offices are being cleaned with disinfectant products to ensure a virus-free environment.

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