politica medioambiental

Our environmental policy

The Varadero Ibiza team works to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. To do this, it carries out actions aimed at the following aspects, among others:

Nuestra política medioambiental a su servicio
  • Varadero Ibiza holds periodic training and environmental awareness-raising among its employees.
  • The shipyard team takes care to keep the water area clean to prevent pollution.
  • We hold environmental emergency and prevention simulation exercises.
  • We also carry out environmental inspections throughout the year to reduce the effect of external polluting agents.
  • Varadero Ibiza has various signed green points in its technical area for disposing of all kinds of waste.
  • It also has a hazardous and polluting waste collection point (engine oils, filters, cloths, batteries, polluting containers, paints, etc.).
  • Thanks to its modern installations and facilities, our shipyard able to optimise water and electricity consumption.
  • Gas and carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced and the carbon footprint has been registered.
  • The shipyard has posters distributed all over its facilities asking for its customers’ help in caring for the environment.
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